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Type In The Stock You Want To Forecast & Use Our Algorithm To Easily Indicate If The Stock Is Likely To Rise Or Fall!

Gain More Control

The Algorithm Gives You Manual Power To Decide Where To Invest While Making The Process Simple & Easy! 

Forecast Any Stock

The Algorithm Can Forecast ANY Stock! Just Type In The Ticker And Get An Accurate Forecast!

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Use The Same Tools That Top Traders Use To Predict The Market!

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Use Our Easy To Understand Indicators To Know When It's Best To Buy Or Sell Any Stock!

How Do I Use The Algorithm?

Choose Any Stock 

Choose Your Time Period

Let Our Algorithm Show You If The Stock Is Likely To Rise Or Fall

Likely To Rise

Likely To Fall

No Coding Experience Needed!
Our Algorithm Works From Your Tablets, Mobile Phone & Laptops.
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Years Of Development All At Your Fingertips

Our algorithm took years to program. It looks at a variety of qualitative and quantitative factors that determine whether the stock is likely to rise or fall in the future. It boasts an 85% accuracy rate and works for swing trading and day trading.

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