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  • Access to 30+ years of historical financial data

  • Ability to analyze almost any stock within seconds 

  • Lessons on how to read financial data 

  • 10 years of visualized financial data for easy analysis

  • Ability to quickly compare the performance of stocks  

  • UNLIMITED free updates and new features

Ability to analyze any stock within seconds

The data displayed by the dashboard will transform the way you think about stocks. You'll be able to see exactly what factors are driving the stock's price and you'll see trends that other investors aren't even looking for.

Time is of the essence in the world of stocks. With all the data at your fingertips, you will transform the way you think about and manage stocks. With this technology, you attain the ability to analyze what factors are raising stock prices, identify trends ahead of the pack and discover opportunities others aren’t even aware of yet.

10 years of visualized stock data for easy analysis

While everyone else is focused on unimportant recent stock hype, the dashboard focuses on looking at the cold hard facts. You’ll be able to instantly sift through all of the hype and figure out whether the stock is really worth investing in or not.

Determining what is hype and what are the cold hard facts is what separates good traders from great ones. Having historical trends readily available for you in seconds helps you sift through data skillfully. Stop wasting time and make more educated decisions on what stock is truly worth your investment.

Unlimited free updates and new features

Signing up for the dashboard is an investment in a way. Our development team is working nonstop to constantly add new features to the dashboard to make the software even more valuable. As so, the prices will rise over time. When you sign up, you’ll be locked in at your low rate for as long as you want.

Utilizing our dashboard software is an investment. Our development team is working nonstop to constantly add new features to the dashboard to make the software even more valuable. As our technology continues to improve and optimize, our prices do as well. Get started today and get your low rate locked in as long as you want.

One Tool. Unlimited Opportunities

The stock analysis tools within our dashboard provide the most important data you need. Get more insightful data and make your personal dashboard customizable and easy to read.  

Cut through all of the useless stock hype and start investing with certainty.

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How The Dashboard Works

The Stock Analysis Dashboard is extremely easy to use and it even works on your smartphone! Once you signup you'll get instant access to the dashboard. You don't have to download any complex software or anything like that. As soon as you signup, you can input any stock ticker and you will have access to loads of data within seconds. You can analyze an unlimited of stocks each and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the dashboard help my trading? Absolutely! The dashboard is a game changer. It allows you to instantly measure how almost any company is doing. With the dashboard you'll notice trends that other investors don't even know to look for. 

  • What if I need help and do I need any technical experience? Our dashboard is very user friendly and you don’t need any technical experience. We have one of the best support teams in the industry so if you ever needed any help, just let us know. We got your back! 

  • Is the dashboard easy to use? The dashboard is extremely easy to use and it even works on your smartphone.  

  • Are future updates included? All future updates to the dashboard are included for free. When we add new features and you'll have instant access to them for no extra cost.  

This tool will change the way you invest. 

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