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Michael D'Antonio

Founder / CEO 

Self-taught programmer by the age of 13.

Started trading stocks at age 14.

Developed numerous winning trading systems for the stock, options, forex and futures markets.

Designed several algorithmic scripts for analyzing and predicting the movement of financial securities.

Mentored over 2,900 stock traders online, ranging from beginners to advanced levels of experience

What You'll Get Access To



Intro To Stock Market Course ($350)

The ultimate course to learn how to trade the stock market. Perfect for beginners, simple and easy to understand. The course is 90 minutes long, broken into 24 video segments. Everything is online. Once you enroll, you have access to the course for life and can ask Mike questions at any time.

Lifetime Access To Custom Coded Stock Algorithm ($900/yr)

This software uses a proprietary formula to find the best levels to buy and sell every stock. You'll see these levels on any stock completely automatically. Normally this software costs $75/mo but once you signup you'll have access to this software for life. 

Intro To Stock Options Course ($699)

The options market is where you can leverage your stock trading skills to make more sophisticated trades with higher risk/reward ratios. The options market is complicated. This course is the quickest way to truly understand the complex world of options trading. The course is 120 minutes long, broken into 26 video segments. Everything is online. Once you enroll, you have access to the course for life and can ask Mike questions at any time.

Unlimited 1-on-1 Support ($70/hr)

Once you buy any StockedUp product you have access to the diverse and ever expanding StockedUp community. Our community is over 3,000 members strong with people in all 50 US states and 80 countries world wide. It is filled with people who have little to no trading experience to people who have been professionally trading the markets for 30 years. You'll have access to network online with any of those individuals including Mike and his staff. Once you sign up for this program, a StockedUp staff member will be dedicated and responsible to your success. 

MoneyStream System ($228/yr)

This is system is focused on building a long term stock portfolio that pays you cash every single month through the form of dividends. We do all the analysis and research to find stocks that are great long term holds and that pay solid dividends then send them to you.

Stock Mastery Bonus Videos ($600)

Literally everything and anyone could possibly to need to trade stocks is included. There is education on everything from setting up a brokerage account to advanced analysis techniques. New videos are constantly added every week.

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5 Of Our Best-selling Programs Plus UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Support.

One payment.

We've never done a deal this good. You'll have everything you need to successfully trade the stock and options market. New educational videos are added every week. Everything is online and you will have access to it forever. This is the best deal we have ever done. You'll regret not signing up.

Stock Mastery Bundle

$5,841 $499

  • Stock Course

  • Lifetime Access To Custom Algorithm

  • Stock Options Course

  • MoneyStream System

  • Stock Mastery Bonus videos

  • Unlimited Support

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